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  1. iPhone 6 Plus Waterproof Cases said on March 28, 2015

    Samsung typically focuses on its more popular flagships first for OS updates before preparing and rolling them out to other smartphones in the line. With the Android 5.0.1 update to the Galaxy Note 3 Neo now announced, owners of other non-flagship Samsung devices are hoping their handset will receive an update soon as well.

  2. The Nexus 6P is built on a frame of aluminium, and it’s a big, solid slab of a phone. Instead of smooth, rounded curves, the 6P has chamfered corners and 90-degree angles — but they’re done well enough that it doesn’t feel rough in the hand

  3. Fake Yeezy Shoes For Sale said on May 24, 2017

    This Adidas Yeezy model has been one of the most difficult ones to buy so far, its release to date limited just to West’s Yeezy Supply website. Despite the shoe being a no-frills retro model, it sells for around $700 on the secondary market thanks to the limited nature of its release

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