Steven Soderbergh sets the stage for his next picture – he decided to shoot the spy thriller called «Knockout», which will be the debut feature film for Gina Carano – the star of mixed martial arts. It probably is envious for her professional wrestler colleagues from the entire planet, so projects with their participation Soderbergh never took off and is unlikely to ever take off.

Soderbergh first saw Carano at the ring, but she already shod in terms «Showbiz» lady – as was shot in a documentary film «Ring Girls» and «Fight Girls» television programs, and «American Gladiators».

In the «Knockout» freshly actress will play a girl, who live outside the law, which is given a second chance to use her skills in a more constructive purposes. If a plot reminiscent of James Bond and «Nikita» Besson, do not worry, it should be.

Screenplay was written by Len Dobbs, producers are – Gregory Jacobs and Ryan Kavanaugh, responsible studio for the shooting is Relativity Media. Shooting will begin in January 2010.


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