Resident Evil: Afterlife – Zombies Are Back Again

The popularity of the «Resident Evil» brand has not decreased over the years – indeed, soon on movie screens will appear the fourth film, based on the same-name game. Despite the fact, that the third part was designed as the last one, at cinemas soon again will hang posters of the «Resident Evil: Afterlife».

Actor Boris Kodjoe, who plays in the fourth part one of the main roles (one of these days it will be possible to behold him in the «Surrogates»), was unusually talkative, and wrote on Twitter about the details of the fourth part plot, also in the case about a pair of newly arrived artists.

For a start – about the cast. First, the role in the film got Wentworth Miller. Secondly, Ali Larter is back to the franchise, who played in «Resident Evil 3» warrior Claire Redfield.

And about the plot. Judging by the information, that passed from Kodjoe, most of the action will unfold in Los Angeles (Tokyo, therefore, canceled). Alice (Milla Jovovich) in search of survivors arrive to the City of Angels, which allready burns for three years. Heroine of Jovovich joins to the forces of the local survivors leader (Kodjoe) – together they are trying to bring a bunch of people out of prison, which stormed with the hordes of zombies. Miller will play one of the captives, whom rescuers do not trust, suspecting, that the character of Wentworth had become infected.

In the director’s chair again sits Paul W.S. Anderson. Shooting will start in October and will be held in Toronto. The premiere is scheduled for August 27 of the next year.


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