47 samurai

Not long ago, Carl Eric Rinsh (widely known in the narrow circles through his commercials for “Mercedes”, “BMW”, “Heineken”, and “Sprite”) lost a chance for a loud debut with full meter: a young talent lost a chance to shoot the prequel for “Alien” – it was took by Ridley Scott.

Rinsh, however, is not left without a job: studio “Universal” has invited the director to shoot the samurai Action “47 Ronin”, the lead role in which will be performed by Keanu Reeves. Not “Alien”, of course, but not too bad. Scott Stuber is producing of the staging (“The Wolfman”, “The Kingdom”, “Volcano”). The story is based on the real events that occurred in Japan in the XVIII century, and tells about samurai brutally murders his master revenged.

The studio is waiting from the debutant fantasy elements in the spirit of “Lord of the Rings” and the battle scenes in the style of “Gladiator” and “300″.


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