“A Dirty Carnival” from the Hollywood

The company “Sparkler Entertainment”, which is responsible for “National Treasure”, together with office “Cj Entertainment” will produce a remake of the Korean criminal-action-thriller (“Biyeolhan geori”/”A Dirty Carnaval”). Owners of the “Sparkler Entertainment” Charles Segars and Andrew Bernstein will produce the remake with Ted Kim from the “Cj Entertainment”. An adaptation of the original script to the American reality will do screenwriter Chris Hauty (“Never Back Down”).

The main character of the original film which came out in 2006 is a petty thug, who knocks out the debts for his boss. In this case the hero is pretty poor – he is alone feeding his family. Once his boss asks him to do a dangerous, but a promising job: the risk is great, but the financial problems of the family will be forgotten once and for all…


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