Another Kick Ass

Comics Writer Mark Millar ( “Wanted”) reported to “MTV”, that the film adaptation of his graphic stories “Kick Ass” mandatory will get a sequel. “Comics finishes with transparent hint at continue”, – said Millar. – And in the end of the film will also be a hint. Millar even gave guidance on the timing: the sequel has to be released no later, than two years after the first part (ie in 2012) – because kids, which starred in the movie, will become mature.

“Kick-ass” – a story about a teenager named Dave, who, being a fan of comics, dressed himself up in a superhero costume (with no supernatural abilities) and trying to fight crime.

A screen is at a stage post-production. Put the 70 million’s film by Matthew Vaughn ( “Stardust”), starring Aaron Johnson. Also in the film are busy Nicolas Cage, Mark Strong, Chloe Moretz, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. On screen “kick-ass” will be released on April 16 of next year.


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