Bourne Retreat

“Playlist” reports that Paul Greengrass has refused to direct the fourth “Bourne”, which should be released in 2011. The producer of the “Bourne Supremacy” and the “Bourne Ultimatum” has left the project due to “creative differences”. The problem hides behind the script.

For now, there are two versions of the script: the first one was written by George Nolfi who co-wrote the script for “ultimatum”, and the other Josh Zetumer who was hired by “Universal” studio to pen a “parallel” script. The scenario of Nolfi did not accept the producers, but it fits to Paul Greengrass. So Zetumer was hired by the studio without even ask of the director. Frustrated by this fact, that important decisions are taken without his participation, Greengrass has left the project. Now there are fears that after leaving of Paul, Matt Damon who is very loyal to Greengrass (besides the two “Bourne’s”, he will play in the other picture of the director,”Green Zone”). The best director for the continuation of “Bourne” can not be found. Well, without Matt Damon, of course, there will be no new “Bourne”.


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