Casting: Anthony Hopkins

Andy Garcia has approved Anthony Hopkins for the role of Ernest Hemingway in his new film “Hemingway and Fuentes”. Andy Garcia, in addition to directing, has took the role of Gregorio Fuentes, who moved to Cuba and became a friend of Hemingway, with whom he often was fishing. Andy also has wrote the screenplay in collaboration with Hilary Hemingway, the granddaughter of the writer. The picture tells us about twenty years which Hemingway has spent in Cuba, about his friendship with Fuentes and about the love to a young Italian woman, which inspired the writer to create the story “The Old Man and the Sea”. Hemingway’s third wife, Mary Welch, will be depicted by Annette Bening. Garcia, who was born in Havana, has admitted that he had long dreamed to create a film about the last years, which Hemingway has spent in Cuba.


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