Casting: Billy Bob Thornton and Dwayne Johnson

Billy Bob Thornton will share with Dwayne Johnson the stage on movie set-action-drama “Faster”, for the production of which in early 2010 has sat George Tillman Jr. ( “Notorius”, “Men of Honor”). “The Rock” will play an ensued swindler, who avenges the murder of his brother. Thornton got the role of an experienced cop, walking on a trail of revenge. The third key character of the plot is a killer-egomaniac: “CBS Films” and “Sony Worldwide Acquisitions Group” are still seeking out the actor for this role. For the scenario in response are brothers Gayton: screenwriter Joe ( “Bulletproof”) and Tony ( “Murder by Numbers”, “The Salton Sea”) . The picture is being produced by Martin Shafer and Liz Glotzer (from “Castle Rock”), as well as Robert Teitel and Tony Gayton.


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