Casting: Sharon Stone, Chris Rock, Mark Wahlberg

Sharon Stone scares us with the prospect of her naked body in the drama “Satisfaction”, where she is involved with Chris Evans and Carice van Houten. Film is about the London male prostitute who loses his only client, and remains without work because the agency does not want to have a business with a man because of his character. Then he begins a search and finds the character of Sharon Stone. They have a period of deep and sincere feelings, but this is not going for long, notorious agency prevents their passions, which once again is interested in the services of the prostitute.  Simon Burke wrote the screenplay. Shooting will begin in January 2010 and will be held in London and Rome, the director of the film is Anya Camilleri.

Chris Rock under the supervision of the “Lionsgate” and “Harpo Films” studios will play the in the movie adaptation of the published in GQ magazine article “Will You Be My Black Friend?” First Source – humorous account of the correspondent Devin Friedman about his clumsy attempts to make friends with different skin color. Film is produced by Oprah Winfrey (box office success is assured!), Kate Forte and Carla Gardini.

Mark Wahlberg will play in a remake of the Iceland thriller “Reykjavik-Rotterdam”, which prepares the studio “Working Title Films”. Aaron Guzikowski writes the script.The plot tells about the former sailor, which is working on a cargo ship, before he was fired for smuggling alcohol between Iceland and Netherlands. He becomes a mere security guard and trying to lead a honest life, but then appears his best friend, to incite the main character for another slippery little business.


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