City of long-term construction

The sequel of “Sin City”, speach about which began after the release of the original film in 2005, still remains as speach, but the movie will be released at the next year. In any case, that is what says one of the actors – an actor Clive Owen.

At the recently concluded Festival in Toronto, Clive was interviewed by reporters and told MTV: “I heard, that shooting will begin next year – a source of information is reliable and trustworthy.” On the question about the break up tandem of director Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller, Owen, also, have found the answer: “Perhaps the film will be raised by only one of the two.” Well, what is Miller without Rodriguez, we have seen, and the producers certainly can sum two plus two. So let’s hope, that Robert will not leave begun business at the mercy of amateurs.

Actually, Rodriguez himself in May, has already stated, that the production of “Sin City 2″ will begin in 2010. Echoed and Rosario Dawson. Now to this company has added Owen. Hope is growing stronger. Recall, that the sequel will be based on the comic «A Dame to Kill For» from the series “Sin City”, as well as new material, which Miller wrote specifically for the film.


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