It is possible, that the film «X-Men: First Class» is not far away – at least if you believe in the information coming from beginner Australian actor – Tim Pocock. Pocock played the young Scott Summers (aka Cyclops) in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and will return to his role in “First class”. Recently, Tim wrote in Twitter: “In February, i will play in Australian series … and then in -” X-Men: First Class”.

Comics was published in 2006 by Marvel. Producer by Lauren Shuler Donner, in April of this year was reported, that filming will prequel (previously an option for the spin-off) “X-Men” and will tell us about begining of the great way of Cyclops, Jean, Beast, Iceman and other heroes. Shuler Donner hopes, that the “First class” will give rise to a separate franchise. For scenario of prequel is in response serials pro – John Schwartz ( “Gossip Girl,” “Chuck”).


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