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Undivided reign of the “twilight saga” in a girl’s heart could not last forever: “Universal” studio got in their hands the right to bestseller of Melissa Marr «Wicked Lovely» – the first book of adolescent fantasy series, which has three volumes for now (the fourth – on the way).

The main heroine of the novel – 17-year-old Eyslinn, inherited the ability to see fairies. Fairies – being treacherous and brutal – very not like being watched by mere mortals, and therefore Eyslinn as she could, tried not to run up against trouble and settled in the big city, where the fairies, dont like to come. But no such luck: the young lady was caught by the eye of the fairy Keenan, who decided, that Eyslinn – the one, which he had sought for centuries. It remains only to marry a girl with himself, and with a double advantage: the marriage would deprive of strength and power of spiteful mother of Keenan, which looks like Snow Queen. To get in love his victim, Keenan took human form (the charismatic newcomer to the school of Eyslinn) and proceeded to a very persistent courtship, unaware, that his chosen one, firstly, can see his true colors, and secondly – she is in love with another.

For adaptation seated screenwriter of “Edward Scissorhands” Caroline Thompson. Screening will manufacture office of Vince Vaughn “Wild West Picture Show Prods.”


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