Eternal franchise

Realizing, that the gold mine under the name “Twilight Saga: New Moon” someday will dry up, the leadership of Summit Entertainment had identified themself another franchise – which has already been in run and the time-tested: the studio organizes reload of “Highlander”. To direct the process will be a producer Neal H. Moritz, commanding on the set entrusted to the director of the third and fourth “Fast & Furious” – Justin Lin. Script on the conscience of Arta Markuma and Matt Holloway (“Iron Man”).

Before casting the deal has not yet reached, with the beginning of filming, studio is also still undecided. It is known, that those responsible persons for restarting decided not to make revolutions, and the main hero of the new “Highlander” will be our old friend – Connor McLeod.

Recall, that the original film, shot by Australian Russell Mulcahy, was released in 1986, and immortal-highlander played by Christopher Lambert. The original picture was followed by four sequels (the last, “Highlander: Source”, dates back to 2007 year) and three television series.


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