Faces in the Crowd

Milla Jovovich was approved for the main role in the new psychological thriller “Faces in the Crowd”. “Forecast Pictures”, “Radar Films” and “Minds Eye Entertainment” are going to take production job. Julien Magnat (“Bloody Mallory”) is directing the picture with his own scenario. The producers are: Scott Mednick (“Where the Wild Things Are”), Jean-Charles Levy, Clement Miserez, Kevin DeWalt and Sylvain White (“Stomp the Yard”).

In the center of the plot is a young woman (Jovovich), who miraculously survived the attack of a serial killer. Receiving a head injury, the victim has got prosopagnosia, or “face-blind” – a neurological disorder in which a person is unable to recognize faces. While the heroine has to adapt her life in the “impersonal” world, a maniac continues his hunting, intending to eliminate a potential witness. Since the woman is unable to see her pursuer in the face, the circle of persons, representing a death threat for her, has significantly expanded.

Start of the shooting is scheduled on March.


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