From the Saw to the Chainsaw

Bosses of a small, but the proud company “Twisted Pictures” have finally found where to invest the profits, which regularly brings their long-playing movie series “Saw”: the subject of lively interest of the horror makers became a rights on a horror franchise “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (apparently, looks like they decided about that, because of a familiar letter combinations in the title). Negotiations about the future distribution of “Chainsaws” with longtime partner, the studio “Lionsgate”, have begun.

The idea of “Twisted Pictures” is quite simple and meets the latest trends of movie fashion: producers are going to modernize the storyline and will add a new lift – “The Texas massacre” in 3D. The script writes Stephen Susco (“Curse”). It is difficult to say whether the new film franchise associated with a remake of 2003 and its prequel. But most likely, “Twisted Pictures” will start with a clean slate.

Recall, that the restart of six-year-old picture made great charges in the world – $ 107.1 billion USD (with ridiculous budget of 9.5 billion USD). And a prequel which was shot three years ago, for 16 billions “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Beginning” has made worse by half (51.8 millions USD), but it also brought a profit. Both mentioned movies has produced the firm “Platinum Studios”, apparently Michael Bay considered the further development of the theme as hopeless.


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