Gil Kenan and his “Airman”

Gil Kenan (“City of Ember “) will shoot an adaptation of the novel by Eoin Colfer “Airman”. The project is being developed under the wing of “Disney”, and the company of Robert Zemeckis “ImageMovers” will take the production work , so that means, that in the movie will be used motion capture technology. Along with Zemeckis, 150 million fantasy will produce Rapco Jack and Steve Starkey. For an adaptation will sit Ann Peacock (“The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”).

Hero of the source is a 14 year-old boy named Conor Brokhart, who lives on a small island. Conor was born in a balloon which was suffering a catastrophe, and ever since his fate is linked with the sky. Conor’s father is a bodyguard of the king, for whom the care of his loyal subjects much more important than wealth and fame. But the King gets killed, so the brutal power-hungry general Hugo Bonvilain seizes the throne, and Conor gets in jail. In the jail Brokhart, without wasting time for nothing, invents a flying machine, and two years later makes a daring escape to begin a fight against the usurper.

Robert Zemeckis already was working with Kenan: along with Steven Spielberg, they produced the directorial debut of young director, a cartoon film “Monster House”.


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