Kull is alive

The company “Paradox Entertainment” have begun work on a new screen version of adventures of the Robert E. Howard’s hero – Kull the King of Valusia. In 1997, the director John Nicolella already has attempted to revive Kull in the picture “Kull The Conqueror”. The main role back to then was played by Kevin Sorbo, the result was unsatisfactory.

Kull is a mighty warrior, who came from Atlantis. He grew up in the Valley of Tigers, then was forced to flee from Atlantis, was captured by the Lemurians, and fled from there, eventually ended up in the mountains of Valusia, again, was captured and subsequently has come a long way from a gladiator to king of Valusia by overthrowing the local tyrant. So for sure there are enough adventures for the new adaptation. The main thing is not to invite to the process the figures like John Nicolella, and then in the future there will be a worthy opponent for the new “Conan the Barbarian”.


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