“Moneyball” with Brad Pitt is looking for a director

This summer, Steven Soderbergh was removed from the “Sony” project “Moneyball”. Studio has not seen commercial potential of the script. Aaron Sorkin was hired to overwrite the scenario. It seems that he has done his job, and now the director is only needed. Perhaps, for the work of director will be hired Marc Webb (“(500) Days of Summer”).

There were no news about “Moneyball” for a long time, so we will remind that this is a film with the same name book by Michael Lewis. The protagonist Billy Bean is the manager of the Oakland baseball team. With the specially developed computer program, he has managed to collect one of the strongest team at the expense of inexpensive players.

Brad Pitt should play Bean actor is listed in the project. Rather, only through him, the film still held. Over the past few weeks, Brad Pitt has met with several producers and directors, but on the surface there are two names: Marc Webb, who has shot an unusual rom-com “(500) Days of Summer” and the producer of “Capote”, Bennett Miller.

However Webb, in principle, is busy: in his plans are listed a remake the Danish thriller “Just Another Love Story”, as well as the new “Jesus Christ Superstar” from “Universal”. However, both of these films have not yet received a green light. If “Sony” will choose Webb, the director will immediately begin to work.

The producer of “Capote” is already four years recovering after the drama that was nominated for the Oscar. Bennett Miller is not one of those directors that have like ten films in the project. Recently, he has announced about the development of the film “Foxcatcher” about a schizophrenic from DuPont family and that was all that he said.

Looks like we will hear about the “Moneyball” again and again.


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