Mortal Kombat vs Ukrainian Parliament

This video is about the members of Ukrainian parliament (verkhovna rada) fighting against mortkal kombat characters. As? u see when politicians get hit, they bleed with money instead of blood.

The 1st politician is Simonenko (communist), that is why he hits sub-zero with hammer and sickle.

The 2nd politician is Lutsenko. He is a former minister of inner affairs, that is why police-men help him 2 beat Scorpion (later Yulia Timoshenko).

The 3rd politician (Chernovetsky) is a former mayor? of Kiev (capital of Ukraine). When he was accused in corruption and bribe-taking and when the investigation was begun, he just left Ukraine (the same he did, when he faced princess Kitana).

The 4th politician is Poroshenko, he always strokes his belly, because he has a lot of factories that produce coockies, candies and other sweets in Ukraine .

The 5th politician is Misha Dobkin (mayor of Kharkov, one of the largest cities in Ukraine). He is famous for tape-scandal. Someone uploaded the tape, where Misha Dobkin says his? election speech (while they were shooting this movie, Misha’s friend gives him a piece of advice how to shoot movie better , using strong language) and in this video misha is given a piece of advice: Misha, WTF ? Why did u fall? down?, use your combo! .. Who is talking like a parrot all that time? Finish him, Finish him?! Misha , perform ending moves.”…at the very end misha asks why his fatality is so moronic.


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