Peter Jackson and his Mortal Engines

The New Zealand newspaper “The Dominion Post” has got the secret information: it turns out, that Peter Jackson has got the film rights to the four books of fiction writer Philip Reeve – the so-called “Mortal Engines Quartet”. In the sight of Jackson has appeared the first book of the series – “Mortal Engines” (the name of the second – “Predator’s Gold”, the third – “Infernal Devices”, the fourth – “A Darkling Plain”). Newsboys assure that the company of Peter Jackson “Weta Workshops” has already started to work on the design, the main highlight of which will be moving cities.

An action of the post-apocalyptic steampunk series unfolds in the future after the nuclear cataclysm, known as “Sixty Minute War”. As a result of the disaster the geology of the Earth thoroughly reinvented itself: everywhere appear an earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The survivors have adapted to the new conditions: the cities became mobile. By changing their location, the cities moreover absorb each other in the struggle for natural resources.

Jackson’s representative did not deny the involvement of the director in the project, but warned that in the near future “we would have no comment from Peter”.


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