Pierre Morel Will Shoot the New Dune

The publication “Entertainment Weekly” has reported about the change of the leader in the production of a new adaptation of “Dune” by Frank Herbert. The staging will retake mature Frenchman Pierre Morel – the director of the perfect picture “Taken,” the brilliant “District 13″ and upcoming 2010 “From Paris With Love”. Compared to the previous director, who was attached to the new screen version of the book (I mean humble Peter Berg), it is of course, a qualitative leap forward.

The studio “Paramount” is already looking for a new writer for the new director, because the writings which Josh Zetumer (“Quantum of Solace”) has already finished are worthless. Well, maybe they are good, but only as a springboard: the fantasy of the old writer was really weak. In the plans of Morel is to shoot perfect or even really adequate movie version of the cult book by Frank Herbert.


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