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At Warner Bros. so confident in the success of “Sherlock Holmes” (film comes out on screens in time for Christmas), that is already set the writers for a sequel. Not those who worked on the first part (Michael Robert Johnson, Anthony Peckham, Lionel Wigram and Simon Kinberg) but spouses of sponsors – Kieran and Michele Mulroney (“Paper Man”).

In addition, “Ricky Biz Blog” reports, that Brad Pitt have a speech with producers about the role of the Holmes chief enemy – Professor Moriarty, the genius of crime. It seems, it is quite fun. Rumors about Pitt’s involvement in the project are going for a long time – there was, in particular, the rumor (quickly refuted by officials), that Brad got a small role in the first part. As it turned out, everything is much more serious.

Apparently, for the formulation of the sequel takes all the same Guy Ritchie, with whom Pitt, as we have already worked in “Snatch”.


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