Quentin is back

Quentin Tarantino, who announced last week, about plans to shoot the third film in addition to the two parts of “Kill Bill”, will not stop on that and shared with the distinguished publication “Variety” other of his creative plans.

According to the director, he wants to arrange an audit of a number movie genres. In, particular, in the interests of Tarantino – Westerns of 20′s, as well as the classic gangster movies – films like about the Pretty Boy Floyd and other famous bandits of America. Apparently, no specific and outline thoughts of Quentin are available yet – or he just did not want to disclose them for some reason. It is possible, that if it’s come down to it, we should expect something in the spirit of “Inglorious bastards”, which were the kind of rethinking of military movies and spaghetti westerns at the same time.

More about the “Inglorious bastards”: Tarantino has once again confirmed, that they had not yet finished – we have enough material for a sequel, and the prequel. We think, that Quentin once again have felt the ground under his feet ( “Inglorious bastards” are doing an excellent cash), and began to think about the trilogy. Well, now it is not uncommon.


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