Rambo V: The Savage Hunt

In late August, the company “Millennium Films” has announced the fifth movie of «Rambo», to rejoice in this brief we got summary of the plot, according to which the old John will rescue a girl from traffickers and drug lords on the border of U.S. and Mexico. But a week later, Sylvester Stallone got in touch with the resource AICN, and said, that the entire story above – is a brazen lie, and the salvation of his girls at the moment is not interested. And not to be unsubstantiated, Sly told how everything would be in reality.

First, the fifth «Rambo» has already got the official title and the first poster (see photo) – «Rambo V: The Savage Hunt». Secondly, Stallone clearly got a stern realism, and therefore finish the adventures of his hero Sly decided enchanting final accord. Thus, the action will take place not on the border of the United States and Mexico, but in the American North-west – in those very places where we first met with John Rambo in the «First blood». It was there, where American military hired scientists and tried to create the perfect soldier, a reawakening in the elite fighters primitive cruelty, lies dormant in every human being. Initially, the experiment goes on smoothly, well then, as usual, went out of control – guinea flies from the coils. It was then on the stage and beyond, John Rambo (as well as detachment of special forces in aid of him), which should find and destroy the raging universal soldier. In other words, we get some sort «First Blood» contrary – not otherwise, Sly, returning a hero to his homeland, decided to finish history. And the slightly fantastic turn of events, too, in general, can be explained and justified: a fight with equal force to the enemy Rambo is not a person – there really serve either an army or a super-soldier.

Recall, that a fifth part of the movie is scheduled to begin in the spring. Casting has not yet reached.


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