Robert Redford picks up the best actors

Just recently, Robert Redford has took Justin Long for his new film “The Conspirator”, and now to Robin Wright Penn and James McAvoy have joined Kevin Kline, Tom Wilkinson, Evan Rachel Wood and Alexis Bledel. Filming of the assassination attempt on the President Lincoln will begin as early as next Monday.

Robin Wright Penn plays Mary Surratt, the only woman sentenced to death for the attempt of assassination on the President Abraham Lincoln. James McAvoy inherited the role of Frederick Aiken the hero of war, who defends the woman. Tom Wilkinson will play Reverdy Johnson, the U.S. senator, who takes patronage over the young lawyer, and imbued with sympathy for his client. Alexis Bledel will play an Aiken’s wife .

Evan Rachel Wood will play Anne, the daughter of Surratt. Kevin Kline will play the Minister of War – Edwin Stanton. For the first time in a dramatic role will be actor Justin Long, who previously played only in action movies and comedies. His character will lose a limb, but the arm or leg, is not reported.

Mary Surratt was the landlady of the inn at Washington D.C and sympathized with the Confederates, so was supplying assassins John Wilkes Booth and his accomplice David Herold with weapons for the Lincoln’s assassination. After the assassination, Booth and Herold have come back to Mary in her tavern, from where they have continued their way to the south. The only woman among the conspirators, Mary, became the first woman who received a death sentence from the federal government of the United States.

Moreover there were invited as consultants to the project: one of the leading researchers of the President assassination – Thomas Turner, winner of the Pulitzer Prize – James M. McPherson, as well as a historian and Colonel – Fred Borch.


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