Sgt. Rock

Francis Lawrence (“I Am Legend”, “Constantine”) was appointed as the director of the “DC” comic book adaptation of “Sgt. Rock”. On the adaptation is working novice screenwriter Chad St. John. The picture is being produced by Joel Silver, Akiva Goldsman and Andrew Rona. Production job will take “Warner Bros.”, “Silver Pictures” and “Weed Road”.

“Sgt. Rock” is the graphics series about the adventures of Sgt. Frank Rock, the valiant marine. For the first time Sgt. Rock has appeared on the pages of “DC Comics” publications in 1959, in “Our Army at War”. In 1977 the comic was renamed to “Sgt. Rock” and produced till 1988. In the primary source of Sgt. Rock is the hero of the Second World War, but in the movie the action will transfered to the future: a futuristic film is cheaper to produce, than large-scale historical reconstruction.

For about two decades, there were several attempts to move “Sgt. Rock” on the big screen. At one time in the nomination for the main role was listed Arnold Schwarzenegger. Recently, the production has been proposed to Guy Ritchie, but he has eventually began to work on the adaptation comics “Lobo”, filming of which started all the same Joel Silver.


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