The Company of Mel Gibson has joined to the production of the “Fury Road”

The Company of Mel Gibson – “Icon Productions” has joined to the production of the “Fury Road” – the fourth part of “Mad Max” story. That can only mean that Mel as a producer just decided to earn money with his good old character. On the other hand, such a turn leaves the chance of the appearance on the screen itself Gibson – understandable in which role.

Meanwhile we can only guess what about the story will be. Recent posts have hinted that the role of Mad Max will play Tom Hardy. However, Tom still did not sign and has recently stated that in general is not convinced that he will get the role in the film of George Miller (not to mention which role exactly). Miller himself has repeatedly said that in the role of Max he sees the Australian actor, and Hardy, meanwhile, is the Briton. There were rumors that for the one of the main roles in the film has pretend Sam Worthington (Australian), but Sam himself has denied them in November of the last year.

Currently it is known that one of the roles in “Fury Road” is fixed for Charlize Theron, that the shooting will begin in the summer and that it will be held in Australia. Details of the plot were not disclosed, but the action of the fourth part is likely to begin immediately after the events described in the “Mad Max 3″. However, before the decisive action is a lot of time, so everything can change, and not once.


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