The competitor of Lara Croft

“Latino Review” reports that the screenwriters Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly (“Sahara”, “A Sound of Thunder”, “Conan”) will make the adaptation of the video game “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune”. Earlier it was reported that on the scenario will work Kyle Ward (who is already making the adaptations of the games “Kane and Lynch” and a sequel to “Hitman”), but it were only rumors.

The hero of the game is a treasure hunter and adventurer Nate Drake (the descendant of the legendary Corsair Sir Francis Drake), who believes that found a path leading to the lost the mythical golden city of El Dorado in South America. In fact, El Dorado is a gold statue, which is cursed. In the search of the treasures Drake will not be bored: to the process will be joined the competitors, and behind them, much more dangerous players, the mutated descendants of the conquistadors and the Nazis.


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