The Devil Wears “Gucci”

Ridley Scott has persuade Angelina Jolie to play in his new picture “Gucci”, which, as you guessed tells about the famous fashion dynasty.

The action will cover the ’70s and ’80s – the gold times for the “Gucci”, when the annual income of the legendary fashion house was half a billion dollars, and the later period, when Maurizio Gucci was leading the business, who inherited from his father Rodolfo half of the company. Maurizio, who almost single-handedly led the “Gucci” and who had a bad temper, and nearly wasted a family business, transforming a company from thriving in the loss. Of course, he managed to amass a lot of enemies, and in 1995 was shot at the doorway of his office in Milan.

It turned out that the murder has organized his own wife, Patrizia Reggiano, for which she was sentenced to 29 years in prison. Angelina Jolie will play Patrizia – of course, if Ridley Scott will be able to persuade the actress. Ridley Scott is ready to give the role of the Maurizio to Leonardo DiCaprio – actor has already received a proposal, but so far he does not respond.

The biopic “Gucci” is being developed at “Fox 2000″, and if Angelina Jolie and Ridley Scott will hit on their hands, then for the actress and the studio it will be the second joint project. Previously Angelina Jolie has got contract for the lead role in the adaptation of the popular series of thriller-novels by Patricia Cornwell, about the medical examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta.


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