The Howling: Reborn

Since that the “Twilight Saga: New Moon” will add not only the popularity to the vampires, but also to werewolves, independent producers Joel Kastelberg and Etchie Stroh have decided about the restart of the main Hollywood werewolf franchise – “The Howling”.

The new movie is called “The Howling: Reborn”. Joe Nimziki, who at the different times was working in responsible positions at the “New Line Cinema”, “MGM” and “Sony”, for the first time will try himself in directing. The details of the plot are kept in secret. Filming is scheduled to begin in February, the premiere is about to be released for the next Halloween.

The original “Howling” was filmed in 1981 by director Joe Dante, on the basis of the script from John Sayles, the picture was about the news anchor, who was pursued by a serial killer, who turned werewolf. The picture became a cult, and it had the six sequels.


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