The master of warfare

Michael Mann will produce the biopic about the famous military photographer Robert Capa. Mann has long sought about a suitable opportunity for the moving to the screen Capa’s life, and a Spanish novel by Susana Fortes “Waiting for Robert Capa”, which will be filmed, came as an opportune moment. An adaptation will make Jez Butterworth (personal choice of Mann), a well-known from scenarios to the pictures “Birthday Girl” and “The Last Legion”. The project has taken under the wing of the “Columbia Pictures” studio.

The story begins in 1935 in Paris, where Capa (real name – Andre Friedman) has met with a Jewish girl – Gerda Taro, a refugee from Nazi Germany, which also is a photographer. Gerda became the love of his life. In 1936, Capa and Taro had went to Spain, where began a civil war. Capa’s snapshots from the war front (the most famous photo was “Death to the Republican”) have made him a celebrity. The death of Gerda in 1937 became a huge shock for the photographer: although he subsequently had love affairs (in particular, with Ingrid Bergman), but he has never married again. In 1944, Robert was making the snapshots of the allied troops landing in Normandy: these bloody photos half a century later have inspired Steven Spielberg for the opening scene in “Saving Private Ryan”. On May 25, 1954 Capa was killed in Vietnam, he stepped on a mine.

Mann, is transforming into professional biographer, this time (unlike his previous works – “Ali” and “Public Enemies”) he intends to make a low-budget, a grim and a realistic film. The information about the dates of the start, production and the release of the picture on the screens nothing known yet.


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