The speaking stone

The director of the movie “The Ring” Hideo Nakata will provide for “Zanuck Independent” the mystical thriller “Voice From the Stone”. Mark Wheaton (“Friday the 13th”) is making an adaptation of the script on the base of the popular Italian novel.

The main heroine of the history is a female psychologist whose patient – a boy, who promised his dying mother to make no sound, till her spirit will not return to this world. Over some time, the heroine begins to believe in the mystical underpinnings of what is happening and suspects that the spirit of the dead mother indeed may return to reunite with her son. All would be nothing, but the spirit, it seems, intends to use the body of the protagonist.

The film produced by Dean Zanuck, Stefano Gallini-Durante, Oliver Simon and Daniel Baur. Filming is scheduled to begin in the spring and summer of next year.


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