“Toy Story 3″ Featurette Exposes Mr. Pricklepants

Not content with entering millions of British homes in his role in today’s highly anticipated episode of Doctor Who, Timothy Dalton is bringing his formidable Welsh tinged brogue to Toy Story 3, and in the new clip from the Disney channel we get our first look at his character, Mr Pricklepants.

This toy hedgehog with thespian tendencies is being touted by many people as the villain of the third film, and while there is nothing to confirm this, Dalton’s fantastic turn in Hot Fuzz makes this possibility an enjoyable potential.

Upcoming Pixar pointed us to the new clip in which an animated Lee Unkrich talks us through what we can expect from the third film in the series, and it’s nice to see them poking a little fun at the 3D twist Unkrich and his team are putting on Woody and his friends.


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