Xombie not the Zombie

Studio “DreamWorks” and producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (“Transformers 2″) interested about the script of Will Bill «Xombie», based on the eponymous comic book by James Farr and network animated series. The deal has not yet concluded, but the likelihood, that the studio would take the project under its wing, is very high.

Bill – a former police detective from the police department, which changed his profession to writer, and also wrote a history about the cop, about the dead one: the protagonist of the scenario – police zombie, which protects the survivors from their vicious and bloodthirsty brethren. Especially fiercely the protagonist defends girl named Zoe for the living dead.

Zombie, along with the vampires, have recently become hot commodity, and DreamWorks is unlikely to miss its benefits. If the producers and screenwriter would hit on their hands, then to the production of picture will join the company “Epic Level Entertainment”. Apart «Xombie», Bill deals with the adaptation of his own debut novel “L.A. Rex”, whose main character – a policeman, patrolling infested by bandits, southern Los Angeles.


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