«Ponyo – On The Cliff By The Sea» – Review

Childhood – it is something light and pleasant. For someone it is going very quickly and turns into hours and days of serious office routine, someone keeps the sweet memories of it and carries through his life as a crystal vessel, being afraid to break this ideal. And someone will forever remain a child, not only in his memoirs, but in the soul.

Such people throughout the world are rare, and the world animation incredibly lucky, that Hayao Miyazaki is one of them. The author is probably the most good-natured and positive in the history of cartoon animation “My Neighbor Totoro”, right on to entire eleven years buried inside a happy five-year child and gave birth to masterpieces for a wide age audience. However, everything flows, everything changes, and so Maitre already deeply 60 years old, and so much more I he wants to say! .. So much to give this world, and most importantly, those for whom have always worked and creates Hayao – children. As a result, the child inside Miyazaki rebelled and, like a naughty idler, full of broken away in the “Fish Ponyo”.

When you buying tickets to “Ponyo”, you should understand and accept one simple fact, but such a complicated thing to understand – the picture on one hundred percent is for children. If you think, that this is a reproach – you deeply mistaken. To create something, that would not only be understandable, but also make children interested, is incredibly difficult. You could even say it is almost impossible. They feel any falsehood, they do not forgive over playing, and still they do not like intrusive moralizing. However, Miyazaki skillfully finds common ground with his audience already on the first five minutes of tape. And then the audience overwhelmed with the whole tsunami of feelings and emotions, which print almost impossible description.

Protagonists of “Ponyo” – two five-year childs, which behave, imagine, how normal healthy children of their age, without a shadow overplay. Climbing far without falling, sincerely believe in the kindness of others, but still willing to do anything for love. Adults and very adult in “Ponyo” deep play a secondary role, mainly on their conscience are gags. The rest of the time, almost the whole picture, we observe, that naive and such pale baby boy and girl friendship, which carries a huge charge of good and positive. The charge is so powerful, that it easily melts the hearts of even the most impenetrable spectators, allowing them to return to the very childhood, which was once changed on the hard work everydays. It is “Ponyo”, that is able to kindle in every person, that crystal vessel of childhood, that we adults often hide in the closet of our “I”.

But the secret of “Ponyo” is as simple and naive as all, that is associated with childish: it is a real children’s fairy tale, without any overtures to the older audience. Kindly, sincere, simple, instructive and told by insanely talented storyteller. Tale, which you want to listen again and again.



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