G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra

Remember our world – without «Rise of Cobra» the world would be in a dangerous situation.

First, «Transformers 2» fall on us – an impressive combination of high budget, stupidity and not particularly spectacle. Damn, it seemed, to them, looked and forgotten, but at a terrible happened: came out «District № 9». Action is not too expensive and makes a serious emphasis on the clever script, but all of this – is surprisingly entertaining. After this pair of films is no wonder, that we would come to the conclusion, that all members of the action-genre should take it as a «District 9» – where the action is used as one of the elements for storytelling, but not when history is only a thin layer of glue, which binds two parts between each other like chases and shootout’s.

But, fortunately, somewhere in between these two events is Mr. Sommers sent down to us «Rise of Cobra», thus showing, that there are – mindless blockbusters, and they still needed to this world. But now they must also be able to shoot, and, oh horror, they must also be able to have good scripts.

In this sense, «Rise of Cobra» very lucky – most plot of the film rests in the background, hiding behind the explosions and gunshots, but maximum use it has in those brief moments when the sound of machine gun fire and katan goes subsiding. Introduces the heroes and villains, throwing a rich and winding network of relationships between them, and then pulls the strings of this network, tossing in the air then to flashback’s, the dramatic meeting’s, the bloody confrontation.

Yes, eventually all these plot twists have a single purpose: to enable the director to remove a little more frantic-paced action scenes in the most diverse locations. But much of anything than, this task they manage fine. Even if you forget a couple of idiots in power armor’s, gleefully jumping on the car’s, or the innocent Frenchmen in the heat of the pursuit of villains, about the brutal clash of two teenagers in the middle of Chinese cuisine and many other great scenes, anyway, any small holes in the script can be forgiven for one simple fact: it has managed logicaly (well, as far as the word «logicaly» applies to the story) to enter into the narrative scenes, cloned from the «Star Wars».

Ponder this: the film, in which action takes place entirely on Earth in more or less «today», clones movies about space and interplanetary wars. And not limited to easily be shifted to our world elements such as «No, Duke, and I’am – your close relative!» And final bout of «The Phantom Menace» (although the idea is to give Darth pier to take revenge in this fight, is a genius move). No, «Rise of Cobra» blatantly and unceremoniously steal’s from the «Star Wars» star wars itself.

Of course, the background, open spaces which furrowed with warships, slightly repainted (read – just add’ed water), but the essence remains the same or drop. «Rise of Cobra» – the film with the best space battles in the past few years, and this despite the fact, that the characters never leave the limits of the earth. So you will agree, quite a clever trick to actually, for an adaptation of the soldiers game.

Simple, but nice characters, nice story, do not miss an opportunity to shoot from each hanged on the wall of guns and skillfully prepares the ground for future sequels, and most importantly – an excellent, non-stop, all-consuming and relentless action. Here it is – the right recipe for a good summer blockbuster. And Stephen Sommers learned it inside out.



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