Review – District 9

We are surprised.

A critical look at the humanity by the director Neill Blomkamp and producer Peter Jackson has turned even too critical – to such an extent, that it is better not to show people, which are holding a nuclear umbrella for defense or witness for stable operation of atomic reactors. It is unlikely, that you will want people of such a profession, to suddenly evaporate faith in the positive side of the existence of our civilization.

In response to the film sometimes and pulls retort: “Well, actually we are not so bad. But its not – “District 9″ declares ultimatum: “I see right through you, full of stupidity shit bags” – and to fight with it on his own territory is quite difficult.

To confirm this thesis film offers an interesting scenario, just a dream of all the racists, when finally there is a universal minority oppression which combines black and white. That is, we still hate each other, but the genocide with a smile on face now we organize to these unpleasant face. Huge spaceship do not disturbs any people in the sky, nor a clear demonstration of alien abilities to feel and think as we do.

An interesting plot of the course can be regarded as voluntary renunciation of any decent human character. Even the main character is an absolutely pathetic personality. Such guy will not send in exploration even the most bleary-eyed commander, moreover – in a normal Hollywood film no one will take him too. Even in a film, that would use the narrative scheme “District 9″ about ordinary people in unusual circumstances.

Quote: Well, huh, this has got the markings of – so it’s definitely alien but it’s uh, not a weapon… but I don’t trust it, ya know, I don’t trust any-a the…

As practice shows, it is easy to cope with the inexplicable, to put spokes in the wheel state machine or a corporate colossus, when you – Will Smith, or, at worst, Harrison Ford. But to a man named Sharlto Copley which looks ordinary as clerk? Believe me, very difficult.

But the emotions and drama of this guy – well, very real. You know yourself how it happens – when you expect from the protagonists the personification of all positive – of the heroic action, cunning and informed decisions. Definitely not a hunted look of a man whose life is familiar without warning went on a sightseeing trip to the gutter. And definitely not questionable, dictated by extreme emotional behavior, not to mention cowardice and other great features, that are somehow not accepted in the show entertaining films, that once again did not disappoint audience.

In “District 9″ is clearly shown, that Blomkamp and Jackson have great pleasure in marking the usual genre cliches and enjoy unprecedented freedom, which is typical for films with small budgets and lack of attention of specialists which sell movies. It is unclear who is here for the Chief: nonstop action, in which the main role is played by exploding like balloons paltry people, or artful emotional stress, when most of all worried for aliens, but much more humanoid intruders.

After the “District 9″ is most attracted to revise the “Independence Day” to be sure – is not it changed our outlook ? Perhaps the destruction of human civilization will seem no longer a tragedy, and deserved punishment, reasonable conclusion of trouble with evolution, since it do not brought anything good?

So tell me – how often do appear similar films?


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