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2154 – The planet Pandora. The powerful corporations are trying to negotiate with the Aborigines which are named “Na’Vi”, the humanoid race is living on a deposit of the valuable minerals which are very expensive. There are troops of the best mercenaries from the Earth at the Pandora. At any time, the veteran soldier, Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang), may give the order to attack. And very much wants to do this, but there are another ways. Scientists have developed the project “Avatar”, due to which a human mind can control a body of 3-meter Na’Vi. This means that a compromise is possible. To Pandora arrives the former marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), twin brother of the deceased biologist, who had his own avatar in the world of Na’Vi. He is included in a group of the scientists who are exploring the world of the planet. Militant-minded Na’Vi are inviting Jake, and even are willing to teach him about their culture, to reveal some secrets of the Pandora. Plunging into a new world of wonderful traditions, mythology and religion, Sully every day comes closer to the most difficult choice of his life: to fulfill his promise which he gave to Quaritch or to defend the planet, which has became his second home …

The waiting for the new film by James Cameron at one point turned into something like enjoyable sporting discipline: we really wanted to wait, to speculate, to endlessly argue about the shown details and trifles, juggling with small but important “What if?”, “Can it be?” , “Maybe?”, “All or nothing!”. Such zeal of movie fans had a base: back to the cinema came the big man, whose name is associated with the canons of the genre, and even the rules of the game which he, not realizing once ago had invented. The set of the well-known factors and the facts (a long break, huge success of the “Titanic”, a basket of various prizes, promised revolution, a solid budget, etc.) has brought the intrigue to the conceivable (and inconceivable) limit, becoming not the associate, but rather an enemy of the director. When someone expects from you the quality production – this is one thing, when the revelation – quite another. Cameron, we give him a due, never promised the second, but the fact of the shooting virtually guaranteed the first. And that is, in fact, what happened.

Long before the premiere, it was clear that the director will make the revolutionary visual experiment. After the premiere it is obvious – the experiment has succeeded. But the effects have always been and will be (in that we want to believe) is only a part of a story. With today’s graphics viewer can be persuaded to believe in anything: the occurrence of the Apocalypse, the aliens attack, collision with a giant meteorite. The visual effects can not do just one thing: to force viewers to empathize heroes, to believe in their actions and words. James Cameron has always been able to find, and sometimes literally to fish out in seemingly trite subjects’ the necessary meanings. His films have always been a little bit different, a little wiser and deeper than it might seem at first view. However, in the case with “Avatar” bid was made just on the show, not the story, which represents the next version of the eternal topics of the “Pocahontas” and of the “Dances with Wolves”.

A serious break in the career is always a great danger, a trap to fall into which can anybody. Everything that you need is just not to shoot. During the twelve years since the triumph of the “Titanic” much has changed. It is no doubt, that Cameron well knew that. But he shot another tale for adults with a set of unsold platitudes about the world in peace and friendship among Races and People.

The “Avatar” is the old beautiful story in a new wrapper of excellent design and visual effects. That is all what we expected. We give this movie 9 out of 10


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  1. I actually really liked this movie (for more than just Megan Fox) and was surprised that it was so poorly received. I’d watch this over most “scary” flicks any day.

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