Review: “Jennifer’s Body”

Old friends Jennifer (Megan Fox) and Needy (Amanda Seyfried) are going to the concert of visiting guest artists “Low Shoulder”. Pretty Jennifer dreams of intimate reciprocity with the soloist of the team. The evening turns into a tragedy. Needy notices dramatic changes in behavior and character of her friend Jen. Having studied occult literature, she comes to the shocking conclusion: her best friend is possessed by a demon, thirsting for a blood and meat of young guys. When Jennifer draws attention to Needy’s boyfriend, she begins to act …

At first glance; the “Jennifer’s Body” could pass for a classic horror about teenagers: the forces of evil and the little town with one bar and college. All the necessary components are in place and the story pay tribute to all significant films of the same genre (from “Carrie” to “Scream”). But just look at the name of the writer to understand: everything is more complicated, and perhaps on the contrary, much easier. To expect from the Oscar-winner Diablo Cody (“Juno”), a serious tale about her favorite age – a period of infancy and the last school years – strictly speaking, is real, but somewhat it is naive. Her primary advantages are: the irony, sarcasm, constant references to pop culture (this time in the role was made overexposed to one and all indie-rock). She is not mocking about it, but ridicules. In the “Jennifer’s Body” to the execution came the whole genre itself.

Director Karyn Kusama, who shot good movies like the “Female fight” and disastrous “Aeon Flux”, has filmed the story about a female friendship. Moreover we can say that she shot a movie about its inability, incredibly and mythic being. Leaving aside the obvious facts of the genre, it turns out that all the women are sluts, indie-rockers are hidden Satanists, and Megan Fox is the perfect embodiment of obsessive cheerleader.

The “Jennifer’s Body” is a talented example of postmodern thinking, an example which almost none use in our time. Where to laugh and where the experience passion is not important closer to the middle, so it is best just to laugh. And at last, unlike many alleged comedies in the pseudo-horror genre, in the “Jennifer’s Body” there is a reason for laughing.


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  2. Zack M. said on May 12, 2015

    I actually really liked this movie (for more than just Megan Fox) and was surprised that it was so poorly received. I’d watch this over most “scary” flicks any day. 

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