Review “Sherlock Holmes”

Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.). And Dr. Watson (Jude Law), are taking the mighty Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) in the act, miraculously avoiding another sacrificial murder. While there is going a preparation for the hanging of the occultist-clumsy, Dr. Watson leaves the Baker Street to his wife, leaving Holmes alone. That does the immediate impact on the mental health of the detective. He falls into the depression. Blackwood was hanged, and it seems that there will be no more such a strong villain, but after a few days in London start to spread rumors about the resurrection of the Lord. In his tomb was found the other body. Holmes and Watson are back in business! While the best friends are chasing the Hellraiser, in the city comes the swindler – Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams), who once fall in love with Holmes. In this investigation she has her own reasons …

The adaptation of the main literary brainchild of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, for all its obviousness and elaboration (the number of productions is something about two hundreds), looks like the puzzle. Of course, if it is not a trivial story with a set of well-known details-stamps (classic hats, pipe, violin, Mrs. Hudson), but an attempt to look at the dashing duo of Holmes-Watson, from the other side. The stumbling block of such idea always becomes inevitable comparisons and parallels, between old and new, innovative and classic. And, most of the time, good old stamps always come on top. The only way to change the rules of the game is to make it clear that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s source is only the starting point, the basis, the foundation. On which the director builds (brick by brick) his own structure, with a new facade. And that was the way of Guy Ritchie, an Englishman, and a knowledgeable expert in criminal brawl, but in another era. Having made an effort, Guy Ritchie squeezed out of the venture project, all that he could, and even a little more.

Simple at first glance structure of the film is based on three pillars. If you will take away even one – you can start from the beginning. Here they are: the brilliant Robert Downey Jr. successfully depicts his character; the active rhythm of picture stands perfect until the final credits; and a classic English humor, restrained and witty. How Guy Ritchie managed to weave a beautiful pattern of these components – not understandable till the end, the result is important. And the result gives us the way for a sequel (not the surprise for anyone) but without a yawn, irritation or disgust, but it seeds in us genuine interest. Such a perfect story must have a continuation. We give this movie 9 of 10.


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