Review – The Final Destination

To anyone, even slightly observant person with two eyes and at least one hemisphere of the brain, working title of the film can tell a lot – until the full disclosure of substance. For example, the “The Final Destination – 4 in 3D” – this is not really the title, but simply surrender, a sincere confession of all mortal sins and the hope of a fair trial and condescension.

On the other hand, no matter how it was sad, for any franchises is the right precedent: if it survived long enough, then, is well aware its strengths and weaknesses and knows how to use them. But from the people on the other side of the screen ultimately depends very, very much.

Let the creators to be guided only by economic benefits, but instead their hearts calculator – the main thing, that the plant has not yet ended, and the imagination – certainly, a sore that requires professional attention – hit without a miss. Like with something sharp right through it. And everyone, of course, spit on the subject in the part inhabited by the characters, their feelings, motivations and behavior.

Writers are not ready for radical changes – like, for example, the protagonist of Buddhist veteran who, after the vision of the forthcoming cruel death would have shrugged his shoulders and remained on the spot, without raising the duty of chaos and creating unnecessary work for old ladies with harvest tool. So everything happens on the smooth scheme – we will not even bother you with its repetition.

Living part of the story is everything that connected with death. The film – is still about the anthem fragility of the human body and a million ways to go to another world with a prize of “Darwin” in his bosom. Add to firm bloody candid pictures and also 3D, and get the attraction from which a sin to refuse. Honestly, before the “The Final Destination – 4″ newfangled effect was not so much in worker and how to accurately say, by the plot reasonable. Yes, the audience earlier shied away from flying objects in them, but never did it so quickly and with such genuine feeling.

And remember – to ride on this roller coaster, you will not have to be some definite growth.


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