German Fried Movie

Director Uwe Boll
Cast Brendan Fletcher, Shaun Sipos, Lynda Boyd, Robert Clarke, Katey Grace, Brent Hodge, Katharine Isabelle, Michael Par?, Malcolm Stewart
Genre Action / Drama
Release Date
Tagline Have you even considered it?

Uwe Boll shot a new film. It is called “Rampage”. It would seem, that no reason to pay attention. We seen enough from this director. But here – a special case. The ones, that looked it (and there are good movie blogs) argue, that Herr Uwe shot a really good movie. Even a broken clock is right two times a day. And it was bound to happen eventually…. Uwe Boll has made a good movie. Not a great movie, but a decent film. Not just good in comparison to the rest of his filmography, but a good movie in its own right. I can’t believe the words I’m about to type — and no doubt, you’re going to have a hard time believing them. But that is exactly what I have to say about Uwe Boll’s latest film. It is good. Very good. This Sunday’s the fest was featuring a full night focus on the so called “Master of Error” the destroyer of worlds, the great demon in the videogame franchises, former boxer turned director, the one, the only, The Uwe Boll. Forget anything you ever knew about Uwe Boll. This is solid cinema and deserves praise. There comes a shocking 9 out of 10. Well earned. Now I’m waiting his next film. In his long filmmaking career, Uwe Boll has done many things. And in the eyes of many movie fans around the world, one of them is not making a good film. And with his latest opus, the wanton violence-heavy shoot ‘em up Rampage, Boll still probably won’t have any of those folks convinced that he’s anything more than they already think him to be. But for the second time in his career, he’s made a film that is sick, violent and fun — for the second time, he’s made a film that I have enjoyed.

We even dont know what to say about that. We can, of course, assume, that Uwe has collected some cash and sent the envelopes to all major publications, but on the other hand – this is fine, if he has realy done something good. The plot revolves around a young man, Bill, which is tired of everything. At home, he has assembled an impressive army arsenal, went outside and began to shoot at anyone who got in his sight.


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