Jennifer’s Body – Trailer

Country USA
Director Karyn Kusama
Writer Diablo Cody
Cast Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Simmons, Adam Brody, Sal Cortez, Ryan Levine, Juan Riedinger, Colin Askey, Chris Pratt, Juno Ruddell
Genre Comedy / Horror / Thriller
Budget $16 000 000
Release Date 18 September 2009 (USA)
Tagline She’s evil… and not just high school evil.
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Student of high school Jennifer from a small town obsessed with hungry devil. From the spectacular (like she did not know this), self-satisfied and looking down on all, devil, she turns into the monster. Bright beauty becomes a pale, sickly creature, which frantically eager meat. And the guys who had not dared even in dreams about heartless beauty, «honored» to be with Jennifer through her insatiable appetite.

Meanwhile, best friend, of Jennifer, Needy, which knows her since childhood and has been doomed for long time to live in her shadow, should protect the boys of the town, including her bore-boyfriend Chip.


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