Trailer: “Law Abiding Citizen”

Country USA
Director F. Gary Gray
Writer Kurt Wimmer
Cast Gerard Butler, Leslie Bibb, Jamie Foxx, Colm Meaney, Bruce McGill, Viola Davis, Regina Hall, Michael Kelly, Josh Stewart, Gregory Itzin, Michael Irby
Genre Drama / Thriller
Budget $50 000 000
Release Date 16 October 2009 (USA)
Tagline The System Must Pay
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The film is about an assistant prosecutor, which come to find out about his involvement in the case of mentally unbalanced criminal obsessed with revenge for the death of his wife and daughter, whose murderers have been released because of legal loopholes. Prisoner comes up with an ultimatum: either he is released, or in the city will die, innocent people, and in the terrible ways. Assistant prosecutor, advocate, realizes, that his decisions created this terrible villain, and only he alone can stop him.


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