First Official Trailer “Predators”

Predators is an upcoming 2010 science fiction, action and horror film directed by Nimr?d Antal, and starring Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Laurence Fishburne, Danny Trejo and Derek Mears. The film is a sequel to the 1987 film Predator. Producer Robert Rodriguez stated that he named the film “Predators” in relation to how the second film in the Alien franchise was called Aliens. The title Predators is intended to have a double meaning, in that it refers to both the film’s alien creatures, as well as the group of humans that are going against them.

Country USA
Director: Nimr?d Antal
Screenplay: Michael Finch
Alex Litvak
Genre: Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Budget: $45 000 000
Release Date: 7 July 2010
Distributors: 20th Century Fox
Official Movie Site: Predators

Watch the official trailer Predators


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