Scene from Vincenzo Natali “Splice”

Country USA / Canada / France
Director Vincenzo Natali
Writers Vincenzo Natali, Doug Taylor,
Antoinette Terry Bryant
Cast Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley, David Hewlett, Delphine Chan?ac, Abigail Chu, Brandon McGibbon, Stephanie Baird, Amanda Brugel
Genre Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Budget $26 000 000
Release Date 17 February 2010 (France)
Tagline Science newest miracle…is a mistake.
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Two young scientists (Brody and Polley) achieve fame by splicing human DNA with the DNA of different animals to create a new creature. In the process they ignore their society’s ethical and legal boundaries. The scientists name their creature “Dren”, which is initially a deformed female infant, however, rapidly develops into a beautiful but deadly winged human-chimera.



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