Featurette “Solomon Kane”

Country France / Czech Republic / UK
Director Michael J. Bassett
Writers Screenplay: Michael J. Bassett
Character: Robert E. Howard
Cast James Babson, Laura Baranik, Geoff Bell, Matthew Blood-Smyth, Brian Caspe, John Comer, Mackenzie Crook, Christian Dunckley Clark, Jason Flemyng
Genre Action / Adventure / Fantasy
Budget $45 000 000
Release Date 2010
Tagline When you make a deal with the Devil, there will be hell to pay.
Official website www.solomon-kane.com

Based on the story by Robert Irwin Howard.

Solomon Kane – British soldier of XVI century, who realized, that his inhumane and cruel acts forever cursed his soul. Intending to atone for his sins, Kane swears to live in peace and virtue, but when the forces of darkness strikes on his land, he got nothing to do, but to give battle.




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