The Informant! – Trailer

Country USA
Director Steven Soderbergh
Writers Screenplay: Scott Z. Burns
Novel: Kurt Eichenwald
Cast Matt Damon, Lucas McHugh Carroll, Eddie Jemison, Rusty Schwimmer, Craig Ricci Shaynak, Tom Papa, Rick Overton, Melanie Lynskey, Thomas F. Wilson
Genre Comedy / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Release Date 18 September 2009 (USA)
Tagline Matt Damon is The Informant!
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And what about only thought Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon)? As a prospective employee of the agro-industrial corporation «Archer Daniels Midland», Whitacre suddenly turns into a grass.

Despite the fact, that Whitaker reports to the FBI, that a multinational company where he works, artificially supported high prices for the products he considers himself almost a hero, looking after the interests of ordinary citizens and worthy of promotion. But in order to fulfill his dreams in life, the FBI needed evidence, which is why Whitaker gladly agrees to put on a special listening devices, and to hide in the case a tape recorder, imagining himself a kind of special agent who performs top-secret assignment.


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