Trailer Red Nights

A box containing a white jade seal rumoured to have belonged to China’s first Emperor falls into the hands of Catherine (Fr?d?rique Bel), a mistress who takes the valuable artifact to Hong Kong in the hopes of selling it. In Hong Kong, Carrie (Carrie Ng), a wealthy patron of the arts, mounts a production of The Jade Emperor — the tale of the first Emperor’s executioner, who used a deadly poison to paralyze his victims while simultaneously enhancing their sensations. Carrie is single-mindedly obsessed with finding this ancient poison. When it becomes apparent that the white jade seal contains a vial of the elixir, Catherine finds herself caught in Carrie’s sadistic web, where bliss and pain are blurred into a twisted, forbidden ecstasy.

Country Hong Kong
Director: Julien Carbon
Laurent Courtiaud
Screenplay: Julien Carbon
Laurent Courtiaud
Genre: Thriller
Release Date: 2009 (Hong Kong)

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